USA – Biden’s urge to reform fails


Joe Biden sought Wednesday in Missouri, a central state in the United States, to brag about large investment plans that have so far failed in deeply pessimistic American households.

Joe Biden in Kansas City on December 8, 2021.


The US president delivered a speech in a Kansas City Transportation Authority hangar where the White House was posting banners with the brand new slogan “Building a Better America” ​​referring to a brand new website. “No more talk, time to act,” he said, referring to the unfulfilled promises made by his predecessor Donald Trump, who wanted to invest heavily in infrastructure. “We will rebuild this country,” promised Joe Biden.

Missouri, a state in the “Midwest”, a vast agricultural region of the United States that stretches from the Great Lakes to the center of the country, voted overwhelmingly for the former Republican president last year.

The US executive has released figures on the profits Missouri will generate from the gigantic infrastructure plan of $ 1.2 trillion recently announced by Joe Biden. The state will be able to rehabilitate bridges and pipelines, but also to buy electric buses, assures the US executive.

Communication efforts

Joe Biden plans to do multiple trips across the United States to raise Americans for this project and to spark their enthusiasm for another huge project: a $ 1.750 billion welfare bill that is currently being debated in Congress.

But the efforts of the 79-year-old Democrat have so far failed. The White House is therefore stepping up its communication efforts, such as this new website, unveiled on Wednesday, on which citizens are invited to say via video what they think of the high-speed internet networks and the promised renovated highways of the president.

Pessimistic Americans

A very recent poll by the Wall Street Journal estimates that only 41% of Americans are happy with the way the Democratic president has done things. This bodes badly for the one-year general election in the United States, which historically has been unfavorable for the presidential camp.

Perhaps more worrying for a Joe Biden who relies on purchasing power and the hope of social advancement to seduce the middle class: 61% of respondents believe the American economy is going in the wrong direction. And this despite robust growth and falling unemployment, pushed into the background by a surge in inflation that worries households.

The President’s communicators are therefore regularly asked about their strategy. When Joe Biden often answers in a few words the questions that reporters shout to him after a speech or at the foot of Air Force One, he gives little or no formal interviews, even long lectures in a hurry.


He prefers speeches that allow him tirelessly to hammer home the same formulas about the need to give the middle class “a little air” and “dignity”, the same warnings about China’s technological advances, the same anecdotes about his train journeys , the same striking examples of the exorbitant prices for insulin or child care …

Joe Biden interrupts his words with “We are the United States of America, damn it!” He was outraged on Wednesday by the inadequacies of the internet network, pointing to families who were forced to park in restaurant parking lots during the pandemic so their children can connect to wifi to remotely follow their schooling.

Columnists get lost in speculation about the gap between rather encouraging economic numbers and the unpopularity of the president. Is it pandemic fault that is tireing Americans? Relentless and virulent attacks by Republican supporters of Donald Trump? Internal wars in the Democratic camp? Or is Joe Biden, a political veteran, paying the price for trying to rule in an increasingly polarized country in the middle?

“No one can say with certainty why public opinion quickly became so bitter. Biden is like a patient with an undiagnosed disease, ”New York Magazine wrote recently.


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