Covid, wokism, chainsaw … Google reveals what you searched online in 2021


The traditional ranking of search trends on Google is out. In 2021, the Covid-19 epidemic once again agitated the most famous of search engines.

While Apple or Google have already taken stock of the most significant applications and games of the year on the App Store or the Play Store, the Internet giant is back with its ranking of trends on its engine research, essential in France since its market share exceeds 90%. Always eagerly awaited, this report reflects the news of the year and provides an opportunity to take stock of the subjects which obviously interested Internet users the most.

Far ahead of its competitors, Google is therefore proposing to return to the queries that marked the year and which have progressed the most in 2021. Unsurprisingly, a trend stands out clearly this year: the Covid-19 epidemic. As in the 2020 ranking, queries on the infectious disease and the authorities’ responses appear in many rankings. Thus, the terms “Curfew certificate”, “Quickly my dose”, “Health pass”, “Confinement” or even “Covid” appear in the top 10 trends of the year.

Here are the 2021 search trends. © Screenshot / Google

The pandemic is even entitled to a category called “COVID” which lists the most searched terms around this specific subject. The services allowing French Internet users to find a vaccination window or to make a medical appointment stand out (“Quickly my dose”, “Doctolib vaccination”, “Vaccin covid”). In tenth place, we also observe that “AstraZeneca” is one of the most searched terms.

Google is witnessing the interest of the French in Covid and vaccines. © Screenshot / Google

The “who” category? also gives pride of place to the pandemic, with questions like “Who can get vaccinated?” “,” 3rd dose for whom? “Or” Moderna vaccine for whom “. Same observation with the most asked questions (“How to obtain the health pass?”, “When does Macron speak?”, “Contact case what to do?”).

French internet users weren’t only interested in Covid and vaccines

Google is also optimistic and reminds that 2021 “Will also remain the year of the return of sports competitions” or “that of rich cultural and political news”. The search engine was used to find information on major sporting events (“Euro 2021”, “Ligue 1”, “Roland Garros”, “Champions League”, “NBA”, “Tour de France” … ). Still in the field of sport, we note the presence of “France Switzerland” or “France Portugal” in the trends of the year.

Among athletes, Kylian “Mbappé” leads the search and is ahead of Danish footballer Christian “Eriksen” and Serbian tennis player Novak “Djokovic”. The first suffered a cardiac arrest on the first day of Euro 2020 while the second became the Grand Slam title record holder with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

“Why were chainsaws invented? “

The blockbusters of cinema (“Dune”, “Black Widow”, “Fast And Furious”) stood out in the film category, just like the phenomena series “Squid Game” or “Lupine”. More integrally, the question “Why were chainsaws invented?” Figure prominently in the questions asked and in the “why” category. In this section, we also wonder “Why is the sky yellow?” “,” Why is WhatsApp not working? “, But also” Why were cereals created? And “Why do the stars twinkle?” “. As is often the case, knowing how to calculate your BMI has interested Internet users and many have wondered “How to delete an Instagram account?” “.

French internet users still asked themselves many questions in 2021… © Screenshot / Google

On the side of “Franco-French” subjects, we note an interest in the “Delphine Jubillar” affair, the “Regional Elections” as well as the “fire[s dans le] Var ”. In terms of definition, establishments open to the public (ERP), corporate social responsibility (CSR) and medically assisted procreation (PMA) stand out. French Internet users have also looked for definitions of “Survivalist”, “Demi-gauge” or even of “Wokism” and “Islamo-leftism”. Some have also wondered what are NFT (“What is NFT?”) Or inclusive writing (“Inclusive writing, what is it?”).

If the subject interests you, know that Google also offers to discover the trends that caught its attention the most in 2021. We learn, for example, that the most sought-after separation in the world was that of Daft Punk, that Bernie Sanders influenced the world with his mittens or that the world wondered how to help Afghanistan or Haiti.

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