China. Tennis player Peng Shuai reappears in Beijing match


The tennis player reappeared on Sunday. The editor-in-chief of Global Times, a Chinese nationalist newspaper, posted on Twitter a video of Peng Shuai during the final of a teenage tennis championship in Beijing. In another video taken by the newspaper reporter, we see her signing tennis balls at the request of teenagers. This appearance is only half reassuring about the fate of the former 14th player in the world, of whom we had no news since November 11. On November 2, she denounced on the social network Weibo the rape she suffered from Zhang Gaoli, 75, of whom she had been the mistress. However, the latter was until 2018 Deputy Prime Minister and member of the political bureau of the Communist Party of China.

Censorship that stains

Twenty minutes after his post was published on Weibo, his post had been deleted. And those of other Internet users who had taken the information on social networks as well. Censorship that stains, while in two months, Beijing will host the Winter Olympics. Peng Shuai’s reappearance comes after international pressure from the World Tennis Association and the UN Human Rights Office. Although there is progress in tackling harassment in the workplace, which was just banned earlier this year, there is a lot to be done regarding women’s rights. Some feminists have seized on this affair in recent days to denounce the treatment of women in circles linked to power. In 2015, denunciations of acts of sexism in public transport had also been censored.

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