The man of the day. Igor Kosov


Save the Kyiv Post

Just a week ago, on Monday November 8, Igor Kossov, member of the editorial staff of Kyiv Post, suffered the instant shutdown of the English-language newspaper and his dismissal. Reporter in Iraq, Egypt, Cambodia, Libya, he became one of the managers of the Ukrainian weekly, created in 1995. “In one day, the oligarch Adnan Kivan, closed the title and fired fifty people. He refuses to sell it to install a new management there. This is why we decided to resist ”, explains the former manager who joined the media in 2019. The businessman, Adnan Kivan had bought the weekly in 2018, to build a press group close to the current power. The independence of tone of Kyiv Post was sanctioned, which pushes the old editorial staff to fight for its survival. “The team is ready to return to work on the Kyiv Post premises under the management of a new owner who guarantees an independent editorial line”, they said Tuesday. Igor Kossov and around thirty journalists have now launched the site: “Save the Kyiv Post “ (Save the Kyiv Post).

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