Thirty-eight parliamentarians demand that France grant asylum to Julian Assange


Thirty-eight deputies from various benches of the National Assembly take over from Eric Dupond-Moretti. When the latter was not yet Minister of Justice but exercised the function of lawyer, he had asked that France grant asylum to Julian Assange. Founder of WikiLeaks, the latter is incarcerated in the London prison of Belmarsh and risks extradition for having published 700,000 diplomatic and military documents which exposed Washington’s espionage activities, but also war crimes committed by the US Army in operational fields such as Iraq.

At the time, the one who was not yet Keeper of the Seals wrote: “We will all the same recall what it has revealed. It made it possible to reveal in France that Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande had been spied on by the Americans, that is not nothing. It also revealed that Pierre Moscovici and François Baroin, two French ministers of the economy, had been the subject of an economic espionage operation led by the s United States. “

“The land of human rights is silent”

This sentence is repeated today in the expectations of a resolution tabled by parliamentarians to demand the non-extradition of Julian Assange, but above all that France grant asylum to the Australian journalist. Parliamentarians come from all political stripes. There are communist parliamentarians, such as Marie-George Buffet or Fabien Roussel, rebels, such as François Ruffin and Mathilde Panot, but also members of the Modem (Erwan Balanant), of the UDI (Thierry Benoît, Jean-Christophe Lagarde) or the presidential majority with the mathematician Cédric Villani. All are indignant that “Despite all the alarms about the conditions of detention” by Julian Assange, “France did nothing. The land of human rights is silent ”. At first instance, the British courts ruled that the journalist’s extradition to the United States was impossible, but this did not lead to his release.

“Strategic autonomy” dear to the president

Some of these parliamentarians will receive, this Tuesday in the Assembly, Stella Morris, who has just obtained the right to marry Julian Assange in prison, and John Shipton, his father, who went to the premises on Monday. of Humanity. It is up to the rest of the Assembly to show when the resolution will be put to a vote that “Strategic autonomy” dear to President Emmanuel Macron is not just a hollow concept used to build a Europe of defense. France must be ready to take action against its ally when it violates the most basic human rights.

On video The interview with John Shipton carried out at the studio of Humanity

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