Solidarity Paris by Domenico Lucano


Mayor of Riace until 2018, Domenico Lucano inspired the respect of those who care about welcoming migrants. From now on, he inspires them a movement of solidarity. Because last September, the former Calabrian city councilor was sentenced to more than thirteen years in prison by the Locri court, for irregularities in the awarding of public contracts and in the issuance of identity documents.

The story was too good

In reality, it was its exemplary policy of welcoming exiles that fell under the jurisdiction of justice. Because “Mimmo” Lucano has used the subsidies dedicated to reception not only to receive migrants with dignity, but also to implement a policy for the development of the village and the promotion of public services. He thus revitalized his city, which until then had been in the throes of depopulation. In this land plagued by the mafia, the story was too good.

We are “Deeply shocked that he could be condemned for an offense of solidarity. We consider it imperative that those who, like this elected representative, defended the most basic human rights and transformed a dying village into a place of life, be saluted in their action and their courage rather than transformed into delinquents to satisfy the extreme law “, denounces Patrick Maurieres, who is part of the team of collectives which organizes, this Wednesday, November 17, an evening of solidarity in Paris. Mimmo Lucano will be present.

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