Isabelle Carré: “A 14-year-old teenager has just died on the Polish border …”


By Isabelle Carré Actress

A 14-year-old teenager has died on the Polish border. I don’t know what he died of, no doubt of hypothermia, because the cold becomes more humid and icy over the days, and humanitarian aid and relief are prohibited there. How many children will lose their lives there in the next few weeks? What drama are we still waiting for to protest? A shocking image? Like that of that little boy on the beach, one cheek against the sand, who seems to be dreaming? But we are the ones who sleep. Do we really need these kinds of details to wake us up? See the quarterly bulletin sewn into the jacket of another teenager found drowned – his mother having thought that with her good grades, she would be welcomed with open arms …

I know that I am not the only one to say to myself then: if it was my son? The information follows one another on our mobile phones, nothing could be easier than to forget them… A 72 year old priest must put his life in danger, and a couple must go on hunger strike by his side to remind us that in France, we confiscate the property of candidates for England, blankets, makeshift stoves … while preventing the distribution of meals organized by associations.

Here or in Belarus, the fate of these women, men and their children can no longer leave us indifferent. The European authorities and the leaders agree in denouncing the political instrumentalisation of which these families are victims. But if they suffer and die, run into barbed wire walls, we will not cry, they are after all only “migrants”.

The Poles are ready to release 353 million euros to build more sophisticated walls. Walls detecting the movements of those they consider to be “The new weapons of a hybrid war”. All over Europe, they have become the main electoral arguments that we never stop waving like a growing threat, almost uncontrollable … There are a few hundred bodies exhausted in forests; they are also this boy who testifies on television, face hidden so that his parents in the distance continue to ignore his despair; this little one on this beach who seems to be sleeping; and this good student whose mother had faith in the future. “

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