The Afghan people sink into terror and famine


t is the latest political-religious fact under the Taliban regime: the appearance, under very high security, of their supreme leader. “The Emir of the Believers” emerges from the shadows a few days after the second meeting, on October 27 in Tehran, of the foreign ministers of the neighboring countries – Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan – with China and Russia. “The Taliban are eager to engage with the world,” said Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi, announcing that Beijing will host the next meeting. Russia, which hosted the first international talks, is worried about a return of American troops to the region. “We ask once again that the neighboring countries of Afghanistan prevent the military presence of the United States and NATO on their soil,” insisted Russian Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The population, it is a thousand leagues from these negotiations. After the horror of a permanent war, for thirty years, civilians fell into hell, between the terror sown by the Taliban and the permanent threat of deadly attacks by the organization “Islamic State” (IS). The lead screed is sealed on the citizens. More than 70% of the media have closed, journalists are breaking down the walls, educational, work and leisure opportunities have been destroyed. And the “madmen of God”, left to their own devices, harass, violate and kill whoever they see fit. Men opened fire on a marriage, killing at least three people. A bomb attack on a military hospital in Kabul, followed by shootings, left at least 19 dead and around 50 injured on 2 November. It is another war where the Taliban are, for the moment, in failure, powerless to restore security on the territory in the face of the attacks of the IS.

the world food program alert

The horror experienced by civilians has no limits. Inland, in isolated villages and hamlets, the population no longer has enough to eat. Their life is suspended from the rare food distributions. According to the World Food Program, more than 3 million of them suffer from acute malnutrition. Half of the 20 million Afghans are at risk of starvation, estimates a latest report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (25 October). The country remains deprived of international aid. In rural areas, winter promises to be nightmarish. More and more families are reduced to selling their children in order to save them and have enough to survive.

Western interventions, orchestrated by the United States and NATO, have created the conditions for crimes against humanity in twists and turns. The Taliban are finishing the job. Taken hostage, the population does not see a shadow of hope for better days.


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