Orem Feld Israeli Communist Refuznik in Prison


At 29, Orem Feld has been imprisoned for nearly a week in Tzedek prison, north of Tel Aviv. The head of the Jerusalem branch of the Communist Party of Israel was sentenced to fourteen days in jail for failing to show up for his period of military reserve. Younger, Orem Feld had already completed his three years of service as a doctor, avoiding going to the occupied territories. But, in August, when he was ordered to perform this new service, he said no, as the law has allowed since 2002. “Before I enlisted, I didn’t have the strength and support to refuse. Now I know that whatever role I have played keeps the occupation going ”, he justified in a letter addressed to the conscience committee of the army. Orem Feld explains his refusal to join the IDF “Who uses his tools to control the Palestinian civilian population” and participate in “Crime of occupation and apartheid policy”. Mobilizations took place in front of the prison to demand his release and that of two other refusniks: Eran Aviv and Shahar Peretz.

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