Texas. The long battle over abortion began at the Supreme Court


The Texas abortion law, which prohibits the use of voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) from the time the embryo’s heartbeat can be detected, approximately at six weeks, was debated on Monday. to the Supreme Court. This almost general ban, which provides no exception for rape or incest, entered into force on September 1 and then suspended on October 6, was discussed for three hours by the nine judges.

Meanwhile, patients continue to suffer

Dominated by the conservatives (6 against 3), the Court seemed inclined to block it. It does not dispute this right, but the legislative impact of such a mechanism at the judicial level. Because, it would make it possible to attack constitutional law. “The judges seemed to recognize that the Texas position threatens the foundations of our constitutional democracy,” reacted Marc Hearron, lawyer for the organization Whole Woman’s Health which manages four clinics practicing abortions in Texas.

Waiting for, the patients continue to suffer ”, sentenced Julie Murray of Planned Parenthood. Clinics have reduced their activities and pregnant women often resort to interventions in neighboring states.

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