Italy. When anti-pass parades “disguised” as deportees …


Far beyond freedom of expression. Until infamy. This weekend, in Novara, in northern Italy, anti-pass demonstrators marched “disguised” as deportees. As one would put on a costume at the carnival. Denouncing the “Health dictatorship” , blurring all points of reference, denying unprecedented historical phenomena, comparing crimes against humanity to health rules, some even sported a number in a horrifying comparison to the number dehumanizing the deportees on their arrival in the death camps.

If everything becomes Auschwitz

In a column published by the daily la Stampa, the president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, Noemi Di Segni, was indignant at this trivialization of the Shoah and Nazism: “The day before yesterday in Novara, we saw striped pajamas symbolizing deportation to the Nazi extermination camps. These are images that I never thought I would see. ” Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza also said he was deeply “Shocked by these people who refer to the concentration camps”.

Because, if everything becomes Auschwitz, Ravensbrück or Buchenwald, it is because, ultimately, the deportation and the extermination are not so serious. Alessandro Canelli, the mayor of Novara, expressed his shame to see a comparison “Ideological position on a vaccine or a health pass on the most tragic page in our history and to people who have been deported, humiliated, tortured and murdered”.

Yellow star

In France, during similar demonstrations, opponents found the best taste to wear a yellow star. As if the governments which set up the health pass were planning the systematic assassination of the unvaccinated or anti-pass. To omit it is to forget the mechanics of genocidal processes. “They could not have chosen a worse way to express a position on which we can more or less agree”, concludes Alessandro Canelli.

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