Spain. Comforted, Yolanda Diaz goes back to coal


It was the most acute crisis she went through, but it’s over, until further notice … The coalition between the Socialists (PSOE) of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and the left alliance Unidas Podemos, led by Communist Vice-President of the Council of Ministers Yolanda Diaz has found common ground. After weeks of bitter debate within the Spanish government, a summit meeting on Tuesday at noon made it possible to reach a consensus on one of the most decisive reforms of their program, that of the labor market. For the Spanish left, it is about undoing the work of undermining social protections and collective guarantees led by the conservative and ultraliberal government of Mariano Rajoy, at the height of austerity in the early 2010s, but also to create new rights for workers. One of the emblematic measures has already entered into force this summer. The platforms of the digital economy are now forced to employ their deliverers under the status of no longer of self-employed or self-employed, but of employee.

Increase in the minimum wage of nearly 30% in recent years, restriction of a widely deregulated dismissal right, supervision of subcontracting, fight against precariousness, with, in particular, the scheduled end of a form of assignment contract , reestablishment of the hierarchy of standards which would make the branch agreement prevail over lower priced company agreements, in many cases. For example, on working time, reintroduction of the clause preventing employers from denouncing agreements, without proposing anything behind them, in order to lower collective rights and protections … This political orientation has suffered for months the wrath of the right or the employers. to Madrid. The novelty is that, in recent weeks, the socialist Nadia Calviño, Minister of the Economy and also vice-president of the Spanish government, has joined the chorus of criticism against Yolanda Diaz, demanding to take back the files from her. and the conduct of negotiations.

Resumption of the precise terms contained in the coalition agreement

In the process, the Spanish Minister of Labor was presented in the right-wing press as a “21st century pasionaria” who would be “more dangerous than Pablo Iglesias”, whom she replaced last spring in the government and in the head of Podemos. Difficult, however, for Pedro Sanchez, to do without Yolanda Diaz, who prances in front of all the other political figures in the popularity polls. Also, in the middle of last week, the Spanish Prime Minister had to confirm that it was indeed she, and not Calviño, who would lead, in the home stretch, the negotiations with the unions, very enthusiastic about the reform program, but also with business representatives.

Tuesday, after the European Commission was forced to admit this weekend that it could not, under the pretext of its supervision for the release of funds granted via the European rescue plan, directly block the defended reform by Yolanda Diaz, the PSOE and Unidas Podemos have buried the hatchet, and taken up the precise terms contained in their coalition agreement a few years ago. The government reiterates its determination to combat the “main anomalies of the labor market in Spain” which are, “with unemployment”, “temporary contracts and precariousness”. For the time being, to the displayed satisfaction of Unidas Podemos, he is staying the course on company agreements that could no longer derogate, for the worse, from branch agreements, but government spokesman Sanchez claims to seek a consensus between unions and employers on the subject… “Today, those who have won are the workers of the country, welcomes Yolanda Diaz, for her part. We are going to put an end to the job insecurity model that was imagined and implemented by the People’s Party. ”

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