Where to Find and How to Drive The Battle Bus in Fortnite


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The Fortnite Battle Bus is one of the game’s most recognizable and well-known elements. Chapter 3 Season 2 gave it a distinct twist. The Fortnite Battle Bus is now a lethal armored vehicle, in addition to being drivable.

In addition to its robust armor and massive tires, the Fortnite Battle Bus now has two turrets that may be used to deal damage. It also now has a cow catcher on the front.

Ride and drive the Fortnite Battle Bus, and may you and your teammates smash through every roadblock that stands in your way. Although supplies of this new vehicle are extremely limited, if you want to get your hands on one, you should locate it as quickly as possible. In Fortnite, this tutorial will teach you where to find Battle Bus.

Where to The Find Battle Bus in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2?

The Fortnite Battle Bus is parked near a large building in Sanctuary’s southwest corner, as shown on the map below. A dirt trail connects Sanctuary to the small islands where the Battle Bus can be found.

There is currently only one Fortnite Battle Bus location visible on the map. If you’re taking the bus, it’s probably advisable to travel with a group of people. It can accommodate up to seven players because the machine gun and rocket turret cockpits are separate.

The drivable combat bus, created by Epic Games, is exactly what we’ve been seeking for, as it’s not just another battle bus.

How to Drive the Battle Bus in Fortnite

To be able to drive Fortnite’s Battle Bus, you must first unlock it by visiting any of the map’s Funding Stations. Fortnite’s Battle Bus is only accessible if you’ve donated enough Gold Bars at any of the funding stations and have received enough community donations. You and other players can unlock this car in the game for a nominal charge of 50 Gold Bars each.

When a funding station reaches 100%, the Armored Battle Bus will become available to players in the area. In order to finish the assignment, you’ll need Gold Bars, which you can get from any dead enemy players, POIs, or loot boxes.

After that, you can go look after an Armored Battle Bus, get inside, and take command.

Fortnite Battle Bus Controls

PlayStation Controller

  • “L1” – Handbrake
  • D-Pad “Down” – Honk
  • “R3” – Switch Seat
  • “Square” (Hold) – Exit
  • “Circle” – Boost
  • “Triangle” – Radio On/Off
  • “X” – Next Station

Xbox Controller

  • “LB” – Handbrake
  • D-Pad “Down” – Honk
  • “Right Stick” – Switch Seat
  • “X” (Hold) – Exit
  • “B” – Boost
  • “Y” – Toggle Radio
  • “A” – Next Station

PC Keyboard

  • “Space” – Handbrake
  • “Right Click” – Honk
  • “L Ctrl” – Switch Seat
  • “E” (Hold) – Exit
  • “L Shift” – Boost
  • “R” – Toggle Radio
  • “C” – Next Station

All Fortnite Battle Bus Funding Station Locations

Various funding stations can be found on the map at various locations of interest. Only a few of Fortnite’s financing stations, though, work toward unlocking the Armored Battle Bus, one of the game’s most desired vehicles.

These are the two financing station locations, as shown on the maps below:

Synapse Station

The Armored Battle Bus may be purchased at Synapse Station, which is located at the bottom of the map, west of Chonker’s Speedway, on the south end of the island.


Sanctuary’s Funding Station sits in the midst of the map’s Eastern section. Bring your Gold Bars in to be deposited.

How to Find The Battle Bus in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

The Armored Battle Bus this season can only be driven if enough Gold Bars are acquired, a feature introduced a few seasons ago.

The community must contribute a sufficient quantity of 50-Gold-Bar stacks to the funding station. Gold Bars can be obtained via opening chests, killing foes, or completing Bounties.

Once a fundraising station receives 100% funding, players will be able to drive the Fortnite Battle Bus throughout the island! Only that location will receive the car if that funding station hits 100%.

How many players can ride the Fortnite Battle Bus?

The Fortnite Battle Bus requires seven people to operate, including the driver, two gunners, and four passengers. That’s more than enough to get into some pretty serious shenanigans throughout a game.

Fortnite Battle Bus Blueprint Locations

The new resistance quests propel Chapter 3 Season 2’s ongoing tale forward. One such mission, “Recover the missing Battle Bus Plans,” contains the plan for a new armored Fornite Battle Bus.

You just need to find one of the three Battle Bus Fortnite blueprints in any of these locations to complete the Recover the Missing Battle Bus Plans resistance task (as can be seen on the map below).

  • Condo Canyon
  • Coney Crossroads
  • The Daily Bugle

Coney Crossroads is the greatest place to get the Battle Bus Fortnite blueprint. Unlike Condo Canyon and The Daily Bugle, this site is substantially less crowded with IO members and other players, making it easier to grab the combat bus blueprint.

At Coney Crossroads, the war bus blueprint is hidden inside an ice cream cone. A second combat bus blueprint may be found in the building’s doorway, close to the ice cream parlor. In Coney Crossroads, the last blueprint is hidden between two camp beds outside the ice cream shop.

You can get 23,000 XP by completing this resistance objective by gathering all of the Fortnite Battle Bus blueprints. Keep in mind that because this is a new quest, there will most likely be a lot of people vying for them. Keep a watch out for other enemy players as you arrive at the spots.

That’s all there is to it! The Armored Fortnite Battle Bus, Funding Stations, and Blueprint locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 are all covered.

Epic Games has added a tactical sprint feature, as well as new Doctor Strange and Prowler character models, to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

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