Twitch Will Not Unban Jidion Over “Extreme Harassment”


Jidion, a well-known YouTube creator, says in an email answer that Twitch would not lift his ban as a Zoom meeting comes to an end. Due to the “extreme harassment” that influencer Jidion Adams inflicted on Pokimane after he organized a hate raid on the streamer in January, Twitch is refusing to lift his ban.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, a popular Twitch streamer, was forced to end her broadcast on January 12 early after fellow creator Jidion coordinated his community to harass the streamer with hateful messages.

Jidion openly expressed his regret to Pokimane and requested his followers to cease harassing her. However, it was too late; Twitch had given him a permanent ban.

Nevertheless, in a startling turn of events, the two quickly turned from foes to allies when they came together for a surprise collaboration a few weeks later. It turned out that Pokimane had contacted him personally due to Jidion’s public apology. While continuing to “profusely” apologize, Anys said that he was “really pretty kind” during their call.

Despite their reconciliation and the fact that they shared some fast food, it appears as though Jidion won’t ever be able to really move on. He has admitted that Twitch won’t be enabling him to return to the platform any time soon.

Despite Twitch rejecting Jidion’s six-month appeal, the livestreamer’s attitude during their Zoom discussion suggests that the ban might be permanent. Fans of the content creator may only watch his videos on YouTube and follow him on social media as there is currently no end in sight to Jidion’s Twitch ban. Given his contentious brand of humor, which could easily land him in additional problems, Twitch may be reluctant to welcome Jidion back to the platform as long as he continues to fool people through YouTube.

Many fans expressed their regret over Jidion’s expulsion from the network in response to his declaration that he wouldn’t be allowed to return to Twitch anytime soon, while others questioned Twitch’s intentions or use of language. Several of Jidion’s detractors praised the continuation of his Twitch ban, while one emphasized that the aforementioned hate raid targeted both Pokimane viewers and the well-known livestreamer herself. Some comments on Jidion’s community update showed surprise that Jidion’s Zoom meeting with the Twitch representative had even taken place because some viewers had already assumed that Jidion had been permanently banned from Twitch.

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