Getting a PlayStation 5 for Christmas, mission impossible?


One year after its worldwide release, the latest Sony console is still just as complicated to acquire. And the shortage is likely to continue.

November 19 was a special day in the world of gaming, since we celebrated the first anniversary of the PlayStation 5. Released worldwide in the midst of a health crisis, it was written that the career of the new Sony console would be complicated. And this was confirmed. Twelve months later, demand is still as strong, but the little sister of the PS4 continues to shine by its absence from the shelves of physical stores and online.

The fault in particular to a crisis: that of semiconductors, these electronic components essential to the manufacture of any technological tool such as an oven, a car, a computer, a smartphone or a game console. these components, as indispensable as petroleum in the industrial world, partly explains why, today, so few fans around the world own the much-requested PlayStation 5. The shortage of consoles is also linked to the health crisis. The intensive deployment of billions of vaccines around the world logically prevents the proper functioning of the supply chain.

The shortage makes the “scalpers” happy

According to Sony’s latest financial report, 13.4 million units were sold between November 2020 and October 2021. Sales figures that are impressive, but still well below expectations. The dropout release of the PS5 suits the “scalpers”, a growing community of dealers who manage to acquire copies and then resell them at exorbitant prices. At the end of November, for example, it was common to see PlayStation 5 offered on resale sites at around $ 1,000, or 888 euros.

Since the start of the school year, prices are certainly down, around 700 dollars (622 euros), but the practice remains frequent. To meet demand and at the same time limit these speculative maneuvers, Sony recently launched an XXL plan: load several Boeing 747s from PS5s to supply different continents. A necessary measure to face the two great highlights of the end of the year, Black Friday and Christmas.

Some tips to hope to see your console under the tree

Let it be clear, the semiconductor shortage is not about to end and it could even last until 2023, as Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, recently admitted. For those who have set themselves the ultimate goal of getting a PlayStation 5 for Christmas, all may not be lost. There are a few tips for hoping to find the Sony console at the foot of the tree. One of the best techniques is to keep track of current sales as much as possible, especially on the Internet. Do not hesitate to create an alert to be informed in real time of the availability of the product.

It is also recommended to create an account and provide certain information in advance such as name and contact details. A tactic that can save about thirty seconds when acquiring the console. As incredible as it may seem, this is the time it takes for one or more people to properly start a stock.

Do not hesitate to contact the stores around you, just to increase your chances of finding the long-awaited console. Finally, the last piece of advice we can give to someone hoping for a PlayStation 5 for Christmas is to be patient, but that a gamer can do better than anyone.

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