Panasonic improves support for HDMI 2.1 functions on its TVs


Long awaited by the community, the patch providing support for full UHD definition in VRR and HFR is now available.

Panasonic had promised an update before the end of the year on its HDMI 2.1 compatible televisions. The manufacturer has just announced the arrival of a firmware update for its 2021 televisions. The latter will be of particular interest to gamers since it provides support for full UHD definition in Variable Refresh Rate (VRR ) and High Frame Rate (HFR). This new firmware also brings Dolby Vision compatibility in VRR up to 60 Hz, says Panasonic. This expected update finally offers the possibility for the brand’s televisions to perfectly display a 4K 120 Hz signal.

When announcing its 2021 TV lineup, the manufacturer targeted gamers by adding HDMI 2.1 compatible inputs. These ports support 4K signals and features like HDR or VRR, but TVs have so far only been able to display half the vertical resolution for 4K High Frame Rate and 4K 120Hz. VRR.

The latest update from Panasonic also brings a new mode called “4K 120 Hz Bypass Mode”. When activated, this mode will deactivate all image processing such as the Pure Direct mode present on certain references of the brand.

JZ, JX970 and JX940 TVs are affected

All Panasonic TVs compatible with HDMI 2.1, namely OLED models JZ as well as LCD models JX970 and JX940, are affected by the release of this new firmware. Note that another Japanese manufacturer, Sony, has also planned to go through the updated box to offer VRR and ALLM support on some of its televisions.

As a reminder, the HFR (High Frame Rate) refers to content using a fast frame rate (120 Hz for example) while the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) allows televisions and other display devices to adjust in real time their refresh rate to track the frame rate of consoles. Finally, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) gives consoles the possibility of signaling themselves to a television so that it automatically switches to a low latency mode, such as game mode.

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