The first 6E wifi chips from AMD and MediaTek will be available in 2022


The merger between AMD and MediaTek takes shape with the announcement of the 6E RZ608 and RZ616 wifi chips. Based on the Filogic 330P chipset, they will accompany the next generation of Ryzen-based laptops and desktops.

Long remained in the ranks of rumor, the partnership between AMD and MediaTek around the creation of network chips will have taken more than a year before being formalized. The two companies have finally confirmed their collaboration to offer 6E wifi chips in laptops and desktops (desktop) based on AMD Ryzen processor. This merger should allow the “reds” to come and titillate the “blues” of Intel in a new area in order to offer a turnkey solution to PC manufacturers.

Currently, AMD is known for its CPUs or GPUs. Its partners can also join the Advantage program by meeting certain criteria, such as the presence of a Ryzen processor and an RX 6000M graphics card. Still, the formerly Sunnyvale-based firm doesn’t go as far as its historic rival Intel. The latter also offers network chips to manufacturers as well as a complete platform such as the Evo solution.

Rather than embarking on the adventure alone, AMD turned to a partner of choice in the person of MediaTek. The Taiwanese group specializes in chip design and it was they who participated in the design of the RZ608 and RZ616. These two solutions based on the Filogic 330P chipset form the AMD RZ600 series, but have different characteristics.

MediaTek and @AMD are collaborating to co-engineer industry leading #WiFi solutions, starting with the AMD RZ600 Series Wi-Fi 6E modules containing MediaTek’s new Filogic 330P chipset and will power next-generation AMD Ryzen-series laptop and desktop PCs in 2022 and beyond.

– MediaTek (@MediaTek) November 18, 2021

The first, called RZ608, is in M.2 2230 format and claims Wi-Fi 6 2 × 2 (2.4 / 5 GHz) and 6E (6 GHz up to 7.125 GHz) compatibility. It can use an 80 MHz bandwidth and offers a PHY rate of up to 1.2 Gb / s. Its big sister, the RZ616, is more complete and comes in M.2 2230 and M.2 1216 format. The bandwidth climbs to 160 HZ and the PHY rate can reach 2.4 Gb / s. Note that the two controls are also compatible with Bluetooth 5.2 (BT / LE).

Senior Vice President and General Manager at AMD, Saeid Moshkelani, reacted to this announcement: “Having fast and reliable wireless connectivity is essential, especially in an environment where consumer demand for speed, bandwidth and performance is skyrocketing, due to the increase in video calls, streaming and gaming ”. However, we do not yet know the degree of involvement of the giant led by Lisa Su. It will now be necessary to wait until 2022 and the future machines based on Ryzen to judge the fruit of the work of AMD and MediaTek.

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