Windows 11: Microsoft promises to improve the performance of its OS in 2022


Next year, the Microsoft teams promise to focus on improving the performance of Windows 11. The operating system should notably gain in speed.

The deployment of a new operating system marks an important step. Launched last October, Windows 11 seems to meet the expectations of Microsoft, which recently decided to accelerate the pace of deployment of the successor to Windows 10. The Redmond firm evokes positive feedback and comments from users to justify its decision to make this version more widely available. This operating system, which marks the start of the next generation of Windows, is not without blame, however.

While much inkling about the system requirements, launching Windows 11 was tricky on PCs with certain AMD processors. The latter have indeed encountered performance problems, in particular in games or in heavy tasks, forcing Microsoft and AMD to deploy fixes. More generally, Windows 11 faces some early errors and the changes made can sometimes be accompanied by some compatibility problems on some machines. On our side, we did not encounter any major bugs during our discovery of Windows 11. However, the operating system sometimes proves to be a little less responsive and slower than its predecessor. This feeling of heaviness can be attributed to the new interface which still lacks maturity, which does not seem to have escaped Microsoft.

Microsoft has simplified the context menu. © Screenshot / L’Éclaireur Fnac

During a session titled Ask Us Anything (AUE), the Windows developer team answered users’ questions on the Windows 11 subreddit, Neowin reports. This exchange coincided with the release of the stable version 1.0 of the Windows App SDK and several users complained about the performance and sluggish interface of the new OS. The Microsoft team has not shied away from the subject and confirms that improving performance will be the firm’s priority in 2022. “Performance will be our main focus in 2022. Much of this focus will be on startup / launch performance. […] Most of the UI elements show up pretty quickly already, but it would be good to know if you have any specific issues. […]. “, explains Microsoft. The OS team also plans to strengthen ties with its community, always with the goal of making improvements to Windows 11.

A major update in the spring… or in the fall of 2022?

If fixes are expected in the coming months, the main improvements should land with the first update of the operating system. Also called feature update, it could land in the spring or fall of 2022. As a reminder, the American firm has changed its schedule and now offers one major update per year.

The year 2022 should also be marked by support for Android applications. The feature, billed as one of the major new features of Windows 11, is still in development. Among the other expected new features, the operating system taskbar should regain its drag and drop option in the coming months.

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