Unlike Salto, Apple TV + would struggle to convince in France


Far behind the trio Netflix, Prime Video and Disney +, Apple TV + would remain little acclaimed in France. According to data shared by the JustWatch site, Apple’s streaming service even arrives behind the French platform Salto.

Apple’s arrival in the video streaming market had inevitably attracted attention. The apple firm has long prepared its offensive and has had brilliant success over the past ten years. Everything Apple touches tends to turn to gold and the shift to services is a success, as evidenced by the success of Apple Music. The latest addition to the music streaming segment, Apple is now Spotify’s main competitor. So, inevitably, we expected the American giant to position itself as a rival of Netflix, Amazon or the young Disney +.

Two years later, the iPhone manufacturer is far from defying this trio if we are to believe the data from the JustWatch site. The latter looked at the interest aroused by streaming platforms, by performing audience measurements on its site. These data allow it to establish a ranking where Netflix has taken the habit – not surprisingly – to reign supreme. With a market share of 28%, the Los Gatos group – which will soon adapt a cult and precursor manga in live-action – is ahead of Prime Video (25%) and Disney + (16%) in the third quarter of 2021. The three Sector leaders widened the gap with Canal + (9%) and OCS (7%), respectively fourth and fifth in this ranking.

In the third quarter of 2021, Netflix, Prime Video and Disney + dominate the SVOD market. © JustWatch

Interest in Salto is growing, but there is a long way to go

Just behind, Salto shows himself to his advantage and seems to arouse the interest of the French public. The French VoD platform, launched jointly by France Télévisions, TF1 and M6, reached 4% in one year of existence. It does better than Apple TV +, which stagnates at 3% despite the arrival of Foundation and the release of a new season of Ted lasso. “Salto was launched in October 2020 and since then its market share in France has doubled (from 2% to 4%), demonstrating growth potential. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney + have all maintained their position as the largest SVOD platforms. This means that the other smaller platforms eventually lost ground due to the growth of Salto ”, JustWatch tells us.

The site recalls in passing that it integrated Salto into its calculations in March 2021 and that the platform has continued to improve in recent months. We can also observe a decline in most market players in France, with the exception of the French platform.

The French platform Salto stands out and does better than Apple TV +. © JustWatch

This study allows us to learn a little more about the state of the streaming market in France and the interest aroused by the different platforms. It is also interesting to note that these results are comparable to those published in the United States, with an identical podium while Apple TV + hovers around 3 to 4%. As for the number of subscribers, the first year of existence of Salto is not a total success according to information from the site Les Échos. The platform has managed to make a small place among the main ones – including the American giants – and has between 350,000 and 400,000 subscribers.

Netflix vs Disney +: the duel will continue

Apple’s platform is said to have 40 million subscribers worldwide, but only half of them actually pay to access the service. For its part, Netflix peaks at 213 million paying subscribers worldwide, while its rival Disney + has 118 million. The latter sees its growth slow, but it could overtake Netflix in 2025. At this time, the American firm Digital TV Research (via The Hollywood Reporter) estimates that three platforms “Will control nearly half of SVOD subscriptions in the world”, including 284 million for Disney + and nearly 271 million (270.7 million) for the Los Gatos platform. The Prime Video service is estimated to have 243.6 million subscribers and there should be 1.64 billion SVOD subscriptions worldwide in 2026.

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