For the 20th anniversary of the Xbox, Microsoft has planned an exceptional gift


Backward compatibility being at the heart of Microsoft’s strategy, the firm has decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Xbox with the addition of a catalog of XXL games.

On November 15, 2001, video game enthusiasts welcomed a new console: the Xbox. Marking the first steps of Microsoft in this sector then in full development, the console recognizable among a thousand for its gigantic X inlaid above the case, then had to face a lot of competition, with the Playstation 2, the GameCube or even the Dreamcast . But thanks to its vast catalog of more than 800 games, the Xbox has established itself as one of the most significant consoles of the 2000s, with more than 24 million copies sold worldwide. To celebrate the 20 years of the legendary Xbox, Microsoft, which is currently celebrating the success of Forza Horizon 5, had promised fans a big surprise. The firm has kept its word.

Over 70 backward-compatible cult games

Capital in Microsoft’s strategy for several years, the backward compatibility catalog has just grown with a very large selection of games. Since 2015, the firm has strived to supply the library of Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S players with productions that have marked the history of the Xbox brand. Since November 15, a massive arrival of Xbox and Xbox 360 titles has entered the catalog of the Xbox Series (which will still have to wait to welcome GTA V) and Xbox One. More precisely, no less than 76 games have just arrived, with the presence of large licenses such as Max Payne, FEAR or Skateboard. Of the titles announced, 20 of them are part of the original Xbox titles. For the past few hours, these have been available to everyone, provided they have them on disk or obtain them in dematerialized version from the Microsoft Store. Among these titles, let us underline the presence of Dead or Alive Ultimate, Otogi or Star Wars: Jedi Knight II.

An optimal gaming experience for the most nostalgic

In addition to this vast catalog which should delight the most nostalgic, Microsoft promises an optimal gaming experience, with many improvements on these titles being expected. The resolution of the games will be increased thanks to the Auto HDR function depending on the medium, by 4 on Xbox Series X and Xbox One X, by 3 on Xbox Series S and by 2 on Xbox One S and Xbox One. In addition, several titles see their fluidity being revised upwards thanks to the FPS Boost feature. This will indeed increase the framerate by 2 to reach a quality of 60 FPS on cult games such as DENY (2010) or on the saga FEAR. In addition, FPS Boost has been activated on 33 titles in the xCloud catalog, including Fallout 4, Fallout 76 or The Evil Within 2.

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