Good deal – Apple’s Magic Keyboard is half the price


Here is a particularly aggressive offer that should win over Mac enthusiasts. Apple’s old Magic Keyboard is displayed at Fnac at 49.99 euros instead of 99.99 euros.

The development of teleworking, due to the health crisis, has reminded us of how important it is to have suitable equipment at home. The keyboard is one of those must-haves, and Mac owners have the opportunity to equip themselves inexpensively. Fnac currently offers the Magic Keyboard at 49.99 euros instead of 99.99 euros, which is half its original price. This is not the Apple brand’s new wireless keyboard, but the offer gives the previous model a new weighty argument.

Indeed, the new version without Touch ID brings some new features without however presenting any particular innovation. The design is more rounded and Apple took the opportunity to develop some function keys. We also note a change in connectivity with the presence of a Lightning to USB-C cable for the new keyboard, against a cable to USB-A for the previous model. For these novelties, however, it will cost 109 euros.

Apple’s Magic Keyboard wireless keyboard. © Apple

The model concerned by this offer has a Bluetooth connection which allows it to connect to iOS devices. Offered without a digital pad, it has reduced dimensions and boasts long battery life. Office oriented, it is announced with one month of use between each charge.

At 49.99 euros, Apple’s old Magic Keyboard therefore has strong arguments. And since good news never comes alone, purchasing this keyboard can give you Apple Music Home service for free for a period of 4 months.

The wireless Apple Magic Keyboard at 49.99 euros

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