Twitch is discreetly coming to the Nintendo Switch hybrid console


The video streaming platform is making a place for itself on Nintendo Switch. Almost five years after its release, Nintendo’s portable console is finally strengthening its multimedia part.

Sold over 90 million copies, the Nintendo Switch is the seventh best-selling video game console in history. A success that the machine owes, in large part, to its hybrid format, which allows it to act as a living room console as well as a portable console. Unlike some of its rivals, such as the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Nintendo has not yet made efforts in terms of multimedia features. Big N has in fact chosen to bet almost exclusively on video games, an approach which explains the absence of certain applications such as Netflix. During the summer, we took advantage of the disappearance of the platform on the old Nintendo consoles to discuss the case of the Switch.

Without completely closing the door, the company has regularly explained that the arrival of streaming platforms was not its priority. A surprising choice for a hybrid console – especially for mobile use – which has just offered an OLED version. More than four years after its release, Nintendo finally seems ready to put in some effort with the arrival of the Switch streaming app. ” Great news ! Twitch is now available on Nintendo Switch. From today, everything you love about Twitch, whether it’s video games, music or live esports tournaments, will be available on your Nintendo Switch ”, confirms the platform.

The Twitch app is now available on Nintendo eShop. © Twitch

A turning point for the Nintendo machine, which however does not have access to all the features. Indeed, it is for example not possible to broadcast live a part of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe orAnimal Crossing: New Horizons.

Available on the eShop by means of a search, the application is free and takes up very little space (31 MB). Once installed, Twitch offers to connect to an account before finding the channels to which the user is subscribed. The application also gives the possibility to search for live content by category, to find new streamers or to watch videos on demand from a profile. Note that it is not possible to create an account from your console. In addition, it is impossible to comment from the Switch or to offer a paid subscription.

Nintendo’s hybrid console does not therefore revolutionize the approach, but it is catching up and offering users one more option. It also strengthens its multimedia aspect, a few years after hosting YouTube.

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