Beats Fit Pro: sporty true wireless headphones wrapped in Apple technologies


Beats has finally formalized the Fit Pro, its new pair of true wireless headphones. Focused on sports, they have an active noise reduction system and benefit from Apple’s new features such as the H1 chip or Space Audio. Presentation.

The various rumors were right, Beats unveiled its Fit Pro. Far from the media clamor surrounding Apple’s keynotes, the brand that has belonged to the Cupertino giant since 2014 confirms the arrival of new headphones presented as “The most advanced” never designed by Beats. Previewed in the beta version of iOS 15.1, the Beats Fit Pro inherits the latest advances from the Apple brand while retaining their own style. The aesthetics of these headphones are reminiscent of the Studio Buds that Beats presented last June, with a sporting orientation. The Fit Pro add a winglet to help them stay in place in the hollow of the ear during sports sessions.

The Fit Pro have, without too much surprise, an IPX4 certification for increased resistance to water splashes and perspiration. They also come with silicone tips in different sizes to fit most body types.

Like the latest AirPods, the Beats Fit Pro benefit from auto-pause when removed from the ears. © Beats

The Beats Fit Pro have an active noise reduction system and a Transparency mode, two elements now essential in the high-end segment. However, headphones designed for sports do not always benefit from the ANC function, which is sometimes considered dangerous because it strongly attenuates surrounding noise. Also, during an urban jogging session, for example, the user only has to activate the Transparency mode to stay connected to his environment.

Linked to Apple, these headphones are also entitled to features developed by the firm such as the Adaptive EQ. This technology, also present on the AirPods Pro and AirPods 3, will automatically adjust the sound reproduction according to the position of the headphones in the ears. The goal is to offer the best listening experience while Beats claims to have reworked its architecture by integrating a new speaker. The brand evokes “A first-rate sound experience” with clear and balanced sound. The Fit Pro are also entitled to the Space Audio which has just been made room in the latest AirPods.

“AirPods Pro” for sports … or Android users

The new headphones from Beats even go so far as to integrate the H1 chip to stand out from the Studio Buds and get closer to the Apple ecosystem. Its presence allows Fit Pro to have automatic switching between devices via iCloud, easy pairing on iOS, audio sharing or even access to the Find My network. So many features that allow Fit Pro to claim the status of “AirPods for athletes” or Apple headphones for Android. Indeed, they are fully compatible with devices under the OS of Google thanks to the Beats application.

Regarding autonomy, the manufacturer announces up to 6 hours of listening with noise reduction. The case will offer around three additional charges (18 hours) while a fast charge function offers 1 hour of listening after 5 minutes of charging. Note that the brand is a little more generous in its press release than on its official website, mentioning 21 additional hours with the case, for a total of 27 hours with noise reduction. Without this option, the autonomy would increase to 7 hours and up to 30 hours with the charging case.

The new Fit Pro headphones from Beats in four colors. © Beats

Not before 2022 in Europe

The Beats Fit Pro have so far only been announced in the United States where they are available for pre-order at a price of $ 199.99. They will be delivered from November 5, and will be available in China from December. For “other regions”, Apple and Beats indicate that it will be necessary to wait until 2022. The arrival of Fit Pro also results in the disappearance of Powerbeats headphones and Solo Pro and Beats EP headphones from the Beats catalog.

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