Lille is the best connected city in 2021


The Lyon institute nPerf has scrutinized the 15 largest agglomerations in mainland France. Capital of Hauts-de-France, Lille succeeds Strasbourg at the top of the ranking of cities best served by mobile Internet.

In France as in the United States, the digital divide is as important as ever. If 5G has arrived – timidly – in France and advances in 4G coverage “Are real”, the “New Mobile Deal” between the State and the telecom operators “Will be insufficient to bridge the territorial digital divide”. This is what emerges from the report published in June 2021 by the Court of Auditors on this device, which aims to generalize very high-speed mobile access for all. In large French cities, there are also disparities, and it is in Lille that users obtain the best nPerf scores.

In which large cities is mobile internet the best performing?

The Lyon company has just published its third barometer of mobile Internet performance devoted to the 15 largest French agglomerations. Between January and September 2021, nPerf analyzed the tests carried out by its community in these cities, which each have more than 400,000 inhabitants. “This year, and after two consecutive years of coronation for Strasbourg, the victory goes to Lille”, explains the company. The results show that the inhabitants of the capital of Hauts-de-France “Have indeed benefited, since early 2021, from a very good average downlink speed of 90 Mb / s, as well as very good quality of Web browsing and streaming”. Its neighbor, Lens-Douai, is second, while Lyon completes the podium.

The main surprise of the latest nPerf barometer is the fall of the Strasbourg metropolitan area, which finds itself in ninth place. The study also reveals that “The largest agglomerations in France, namely Paris and Marseille, are far from benefiting from the best performance of mobile Internet”. They are respectively in sixth and eighth place in the standings.

We note in passing an improvement in scores (+ 7%) which include latency, upstream speed as well as streaming and web browsing tests.

Orange leads the way for operators

On the operator side, Orange is leading the way by offering its subscribers the best performance in most major cities, with the exception of Aix-Marseille, Nice-Cannes-Antibes and Avignon, where SFR and Bouygues Telecom lead. dance. The operator in the red square also stands out in Nantes by providing its subscribers with the best downlink speeds among the four operators. It is also in the European capital of innovation 2019 that we find the best downlink speeds, with an average of 94.51 Mb / s. Nantes is better than Montpellier (94.17 Mb / s) and Lens-Douai (92.97 Mb / s), while Lille ranks fifth (89.77 Mb / s).

The ranking of operators in major French cities, according to nPerf. © nPerf

Between January and September 2021, Paris posted an average descending speed of 76.27 Mb / s according to nPerf. The capital is doing less well than Marseille-Aix (86.06 Mb / s) or Lyon (84.24 Mb / s). Note that the operator Free stood out on the Avignon side by offering the best downward flow in an urban area. ” for the first time “.

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