Company of Heroes 3 Launches on November 17th


SEGA and Relic Entertainment revealed the date for the highly anticipated third entry in the venerable Company of Heroes real-time strategy game franchise. Company of Heroes 3 will be released on Steam on November 17th. Pre-orders are now available for $59.99.

Company of Heroes 3 is developing into a colossal RTS. We’re also getting the North African operation, a second campaign with a completely new faction: the Deutsche Afrika Korps, in addition to the vast Italian campaign, which features a large turn-based campaign map.

Additionally, this second campaign won’t be DLC. Both will be accessible at launch, which will occur on November 17 as we now know. To see the complete unveiling, watch our video below.

It’s a totally different kind of battlefield than Italy, and I got to play through the initial mission and a skirmish several times last month, launching German tanks against British defenses. This is a tank playground with a lot of open terrains, small communities with broad roadways, and little cover.

The actual operation differs greatly from the campaign in Italy. This game lacks a dynamic landscape and instead has a linear campaign structure that allows you to immediately engage in RTS battles. It is modeled after the original Company of Heroes. When I battled through a stretch of Italy last year, I was completely convinced on the new way of campaigning, but this simpler approach also has its benefits. And fortunately, we can have both cake and ice cream.

Pre-order Offer

At the CompanyofHeroes website, players can pre-order Company of Heroes 3 and get some fantastic additional things when it launches. The Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack, which includes cosmetics inspired by the first elite commando troops of World War II, is included with the Digital Premium Edition. The Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack, Service Medal, Pocket Compass, Collector’s Book, and many other items are included in the Physical Premium Edition. Players will get access to CoH3’s first expansion through both the hard and digital Premium editions when it launches on Steam in 2023.

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